Chapter 6

Max stole a peek at Riftan's perfectly sculptured face. The breeze from the window was swaying his hair. His face, which seemed cold as ever, created an atmosphere that was hard to approach.


This man was always on the battlefield. His untidy hair streamed like a birdhouse atop his head, giving off a decadent aura, while his glossy dark golden skin made him handsome and exotic.


Although Max had never seen Princess Agnes in person, she was well-known for her brilliant blond hair and great beauty with her dark blue eyes. If Riftan stood side by side with her, they would look good together. A perfect pair.


Insecurity struck her and she peeked at her reflection by the carriage window.


Wide, round forehead, a small nose which is not aristocratic by all means, and a face that had grown so big that it looked unnatural, the word beautiful didn’t fit her. There were also brown freckles on her cheeks and nose, and her curly hair was braided, looking like a bunch of dried straws woven together.

What little confidence left in her was gone in a heartbeat. He couldn't really want her to be his wife. The truth is there must be something else up. There must be a reason why he chose to keep her.


‘Does this have something to do with my father?’

He glanced back at her with a whiff of doubt. Daunted by the piercing eyes, Max quickly lowered her eyes. The man spat out a small swearing, he didn’t like her fearing him.

"Even if being with me is unbearable, try to hide it. I have no intention transferring to another wagon for a cowardly wife!"

"I never said tha—that....”

"Well, then, do something about that intolerable expression!"

Max hurriedly raised her hand to cover her face. It was true that she was scared and uncomfortable. She didn't know what kind of expression to sport, thinking that her very existence agitates Riftan.

"I'm sure you know our situation is not normal.”

To her, who was sweating profusely, the man said with a deep sigh.

"I don't know much about you. But you're my wife, and I have to take you with me for the rest of my life. But how can I regard you as a wife if you're already shivering just by being next to me?"

"Ta-take me with you your whole life?... What do you mean?”

Her look of surprise twisted his face furiously.

"We got married three years ago. Isn't it natural for a couple to live together?

She looked at him as if he had another head sprouting from his neck. She couldn’t believe it. Does this person really have no intention of getting a divorce? Or is he doing this for some reason? Maybe he is just mocking me for he can’t marry Princess Agnes because of our marriage?


Her thoughts rolled to a negative path.


For a while, the carriage was silent until Riftan suddenly spoke. "You said you wanted to talk about our marriage.” Max nodded. “I, even being a lowly knight, know the importance of marriage vows. I can't believe that a noblewoman like you completely ignored it."

She retorted at her in confusion. "What…? How did I ig-ignore it?”

"If it's not a sham, then what is it? You married me and you completely ignored me. Don't expect me to tolerate such an attitude in the future!"

She opened her mouth in amazement. How could he make such accusations? The day after the wedding, he left without saying a word!

"I, I, I didn't ignore you,,,no! Oh, rather...You left me....”

"Don't turn the tables! You're called Mrs. Calypse, but you've been holed up at your father’s castle for the last three years instead of being at my estate!" He gave a loud snort.

"How can there be a noblewoman in the world who will give up her position and defend her husband's home, who may return as a corpse?" His accusation was so bewildering that she could not refute a word. This man was saying thing she could not understand.


"Well, h-how am I supposed to know that you wanted me to live in your estate? You, uh, you said nothing...”

"Don't play innocent! Before I left for the battle, I made every arrangement for you to leave your father’s castle and move to my home. If I died in the battle, all my properties, my land and my manor, is meant for you to inherit! A duke's daughter may not have known such a piece of land, but it is an important asset to me That's what you left completely alone in my absence!”

His face was filled with anger. He didn't seem to make up a lie. He has no reason to deceive her in the first place. Max gulped.